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Collection of uniquely designed bird tattoos. Express yourself with these amazing bird tattoos. Collection of fashionable, eye catching bird tattoos.

Set of 50 Temporary Tattoos, Classic: Toys & Games

  1. Set of 50 Classic Temporary Tattoos with Traditional Designs. MADE IN THE USA.
  2. EASY TO APPLY AND REMOVE: These charming tattoos are delightfully easy to apply using water and remove using just a bit of baby oil or rubbing alcohol.
  3. VARIED THEMES: There is an exciting assortment of flower tattoos, bird tattoos, sun tattoos, star tattoos, cupcake tattoos, butterfly tattoos, and much more!
  4. PERFECT FOR GIFTING AND PARTIES: These tattoos make great party favors that kids will love to share, gift, and sport on their faces, necks, hands, and arms.
  5. BRIGHT AND FUN: These classic tattoos liven up birthdays and other exciting occasions with kids. Purchase a pack today while supplies last!
Cache URL: http://tattoo.geturitem.com/ap-B00IIVUDI2

Hippie Temporary Tattoos Party Favor and Costume Set (50 Love and Peace Sign Temporary Tattoos) : Beauty & Personal Care

  1. Hippie Temporary Tattoos Party Favor Pack - 50 Love and Peace Sign Tattoos. Featuring 50 love and peace tattoos, bird tattoos, happy face tattoos, peace sign tattoos and more!
  2. Hippie tattoo pack contains 50 temporary tattoos on 15 small sheets. Perfect to hand out or apply at costume parties.
  3. Great fun for any 70s party, Halloween or costume party! Perfect as Hippie or 70s party supplies, party favors, temporary tattoos, motivational awards and more!
  4. Colorful Hippie temporary tattoos featuring colorful psychedelic art from the 70s -- Love and Peace Signs!
  5. The perfect accessory for hippie costumes! A total of 50 temporary Tattoos.
Cache URL: http://tattoo.geturitem.com/ap-B00ZLVED5G

TattooYou Swift Bird Temporary Tattoo for Women - Finest Quality Temporary Bird Tattoo - Hand Drawn Design by Anastasiya Pakhanova - 3 by 4.25 Inches : Beauty & Personal Care

  1. REALISTIC TEMPORARY BIRD TATTOO: Turn heads with a Super Lifelike Grayscale bird temporary tattoo measuring 3" x 4.25". Share one with a girlfriend, or wear them both on your hips!
  2. DESIGNED BY FAMOUS TATTOO ARTIST: Designed by Anastasiya Pakhanova, this large, hand-drawn swift bird design is an affordable and pain-free alternative to a real tattoo!
  3. EASY TO APPLY NON-TOXIC INK: All our tattoo stickers are safe for all skin types and meet strict FDA standards. Apply in 10-20 seconds!
  4. THE BEAUTY OF FRESH INK WITHOUT COMMITMENT: Nobody will believe it's a fake tat! Apply these body stickers in seconds for a 100% regret-free alternative. Perfect for parties, concerts, festivals, weddings and more.
  5. TEMPORARY TATTOOS FOR REAL ART LOVERS: TattooYou prides itself in creating non-permanent tattoos with high artistic quality with 0% commitment. Discover our wide range of art styles, imagery, and types of body art temporary designs that look oh so real!
Cache URL: http://tattoo.geturitem.com/ap-B076JL2DZM

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