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Collection of uniquely designed japanese tattoos. Express yourself with these amazing japanese tattoos. Collection of fashionable, eye catching japanese tattoos.

Kuro Sumi Japanese Tattoo Color Ink Pigments, Vegan Professional Tattooing Inks, Outlining Black, 6 Fl Oz : Beauty & Personal Care

  1. VIVID COLOR AND DIMENSION - Originally formulated in Japan, Kuro Sumi liner black gives your tattoos life and dimension. The molecular structure of our ink provides long lasting vivid color.
  2. JAPANESE TRADITION– Tattoo artists around the world choose Kuro Sumi tattoo inks. We incorporate the art of Japanese tattooing and traditions handed down from generation to generation.
  3. OUTLINING BLACK TATTOO INK – The blackest tattoo ink that’s vegan-friendly and free from harmful chemicals. Perfect black outline tattoo ink for shading and lines, this lining tattoo ink is also a great black tribal tattoo ink.
  4. SUPERIOR IN CONSISTENCY – Our tattoo color ink formulas incorporate organic elements and were not made not to blend, but to stand out. Superior ink consistency for detailed portrait, tibal, and somoan tattoo.
  5. PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA – Originally formulated in Japan, now made in the USA, Kuro Sumi takes the time to create the highest-quality tattoo inks by holding ourselves to the highest standards.
Cache URL: http://tattoo.geturitem.com/ap-B00424NC4G

IREZUMI Japanese Tattoo Outlining Ink 12 Oz. - Black : Beauty & Personal Care

  1. IREZUMI Japanese Tattoo Outlining Ink 12 Oz. - Black
  3. We are offering a no questions asked money back guarantee!
  5. Sold by Technical Tattoo Supply - Shop With Confidence!!!
Cache URL: http://tattoo.geturitem.com/ap-B00CKTSFR4

Gold Koi Fish, Japanese Tattoo, Temporary Tattoo, Tattoo, Body Tattoo : Beauty & Personal Care

  1. 1 piece / pack
  2. size: 19 x 12 cm
Cache URL: http://tattoo.geturitem.com/ap-B00LIL1ORI

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